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Hyacinth Macaw

L'ARTIGIANO has built its reputation on quality craftsmanship using luxury materials and unique finishes to create products as beautiful as they are functional. Great emphasis is placed on durability where leathers are designed to last for decades. to this day, every bag, wallet and accessory is assembled by hand.

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L'Artigiano is the result of care and dedication paid throughout the entire production phase. The initial Design study was based on an accurate research that retraced the most important Italian artisanal handicraft tradition. The selected materials meet the need of proposing 100% natural collections.

Black Palm Cockatoo

L'ARTIGIANO back with larger capacity and functionality - Perfect fit for laptops. Quality treated leather pressed by machine, waterproof & durable. Award winning corn teeth zipper,unparalleled smoothness. Pure silver plating accessories with removeable shoulder strap

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