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4 Special Handheld Massagers in Singapore you can get to Relieve any Aching Needs

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Body Massage - It's what all of us need to treat ourselves to. Today, we are featuring 4 very unique type of body massagers for that relaxing therapy you'd need everyday.


OSIM uDolly

Strong frequency vibration at 5,500 pulses per minute - enjoy better circulation and relaxation. udolly [S$129.00] by OSIM massager now comes in an easy and portable handheld form for a “quick on-the-go” relief for everyone.

Shop now with OSIM.

Image credit to OSIM.


IUIGA Puff Intimate Massager

Puff [S$59.90] creates a massaging and warming function that can be applied to various parts of the body. It comes with flexible curved body with various speed intensities and a rhythmic skin massage head.

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Image credit to IUIGA.


ChokChok Tadpole Series

The most value for money choice on our list! Explore and discover that perfect spot with this precise pinpoint handheld massager. ChokChok Tadpole [S$35] comes in 2 designs for gentler skin massage with either vacuum force or simple flapping motion.

ChokChok is a joint venture between Korean and Singaporean to bring about quality massagers | Check out their collection on Lazmall Lubealchemist.

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Image credit to Lubealchemist.


Tenga Iroha Yuki

What's this cute looking little snowman?! Do not underestimate this serious contender—well constructed, powerful, yet quiet. Yuki [usual price S$199] is now on a special discounted price on Lazada 12.12.

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Image credit to Tenga.

This article is brought to you by Lubealchemist.

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