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5 tips on Making Home a safer place for your Aged Granny - Where you can get Subsidies and the Best

Are your grandparents alone at home by themselves most of the time? Are you worried about them falling when there's no one to check on them? Living alone can be difficult for anyone, but for seniors it can present a variety of safety concerns. It's hard to know where to start when looking to improve their living situation, but these five items will help get you started!

Do you also know that installation some of these items can be subsidised? Scroll down to find out where you can get deals on these useful fall prevention items.


- Sitting snuggly on our feets -

Studies have shown that people who are wearing inappropriate footwear are at a greater risk of experiencing injuries from falls. Features of a proper footwear includes wearing shoes of the correct size, a slip-resistance sole and secure fastenings. The last thing you would want is an ill-fitting shoe flopping around your feet when you are navigating around with a walking frame.

Image from sketcherssg


- A good illumination to find your away around in the dark -

Vision plays a major role in the prevention of falls. It has been found that up to one-third of all falls occur as a result of visual impairment. The process begins by wearing glasses prescribed for the individual's visual needs, and then continues by ensuring good night vision to detect any fall hazards. Motion sensor lights serve as safety devices which can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. They come on when movement is detected to provide lighting for the area of the home where the elderly live.

Motion Sensor Night Lights available in White light and Warm light option from $10.90 up from Lazada AddOns


- Live up to the physical demands of working out -

Regular exercises make people feel better, healthier and help them stay fit. Simple home exercises - from zumba to taichi - can improve one's muscle mass and balance power. Enhance home exercising with an ant-fatigue mat from Arccoil to relieve stress on spine and joints.

Image from Arccoil - available on shopee starting from $45


- A good grip to grab hold -

Safety grab bars can be attached along the walkways or in the toilet area that are highly accessed on a daily basis. This is a great way to make sure that your seniors have a sturdy surface to grip on when navigating around the house. These grab bars should have adequate grooves for your fingers so you can easily grab hold and not slip on it. You can get a set of them installed from $9 from ThePurpleShop

Image from HDB EASE program - Scroll down to check subsidies you are eligible for based on your flat type


- Slip-resistant treatment for a good foot grip -

Toilets can be a very hazardous place for the elderly, where they can easily slip and injure themselves. This is where a good foot grip is of paramount importance and getting a nonslip mats and steady shower chair can help. You can get slip-resistant treatment for your toilet types from $11 and up

Image from HDB EASE program - Scroll down to check subsidies you are eligible for based on your flat type

Image from HDB EASE program - Contact their Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432 for enquiries


- To sit and stand up easily -

A stable arm rest chair comprises of an appropriate arm rest, back rest and is of an adequate height to allow one to sit and get up easily. It would be a bonus if it comes a detachable table as it will allow daily meals or activities to happen throughout the day. When your senior has difficulty getting around the house, it would be best to also have a side table so that they can have easy access to snacks and drinks.

Image from ashseit on Carousell - you can find some good deals on 2nd hand arm chair on carousell

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