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5 Types of Vibrators you can get for a unique Christmas Gift in Singapore Under $35

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Looking for a good gift? Whether you're planning a prank, having a curiosity to answer or looking to spice up your bedroom relationship - we've got your back. Today, we're going to be sharing with you the different types of Vibrators you can easily get your hands on!


The Classic - Dildo Vibrator

What is a Dildo? How is it different from a Vibrator? The Classic Sex Toy used for insertion - now coupled with orgasmic vibrations - are the closest to what we get with the real thing.

The Classic Arc Vibrator - This Essential Basic is available at $19


The Discrete - Hidden Vibrator

Fancy some outdoor excitement with a Hidden Vibrator? This unsuspecting "Lipstick" can perk up your afternoons with a little kinky fun without anyone even giving it a second look.

Lipstick Vibrator - This All Time Favourite is available at $29


The Wireless Control - Hands free Vibrator

These mechanical playthings help you hit that high without a lot of work. A hands-free vibrator sits snuggly in and you can control the oscillations through a remote. Even at a distance away, your partner can get you wet and ready for more.

Hands Free Vibrator - This Cuteness Overloaded Whale is available at $35


The Ultimate - Rabbit Vibrator

What is a Rabbit Vibrator you ask? Best known for being featured on Sex and the City, the rabbit penetrates the vagina while it's ears flutter on one’s clitoris. Stimulate both the G Spot and Clitoris and enjoy the ultimate sensual stimulation.

Rabbit Vibrator - This Top Seller item is available at $25


The Precise - Pin Point Vibrator

Navigate to just that sweet spot on the nipple or the clitoris with this Pin Point stimulator. Get to the right spot at just where you need that extra vib to be. Now it even comes with dual headed design! Check out the sleek and luxe products by ChokChok - Korean Branded - they stand out from the rest with the trademark velvety-smooth finish.

Precise Vibrator -This Brand New Design is available at $35

This article is brought to you be Lubealchemist.

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