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8 Ideas to Pamper Your Mom in this Mother's Day Gift Guide Singapore 2021

Mother's Day is almost here and it's time to start looking for the perfect gift! For many of us, mom is our most important person so we want to make sure she has something she'll love, something that will remind her how much we appreciate her.

We'll be featuring home-grown local Singaporean brands that can help you to find the perfect gift for mom, from gadgets and necessities to beauty products.


Shiatsu Kneading Massager - for the tireless mothers

Massage is yearned for many Singaporeans especially for mothers who work in day and night for her family. She deserves to be pampered. So, in this Mother's Day celebration, why not treat your mom with a luxurious massage? Best part, we can do it at home safely and comfortably with this portable massage tool.

Arccoil Massager is a portable wireless Shiatsu Kneading massager that gives Shiatsu Kneading at the comfort of your home. Instead of heading out for a massage, why not do it at home with this Massager instead? For a local brand that costs less than $35 including shipping fee, it is an unique experience for more than just Mother's Day.

You can buy it from Arccoil on their website here


Alchemist Aroma Reed Diffuser - for pleasant aromas to come home to

Reed diffuser is a great gift for any occasion, but if you are looking for an exceptional way to say Thank You for Mother’s Day, then this is the ideal way to do so. Alchemist Aroma carries 12 unique signature reed diffuser scents that resembles luxurious hotel around the globe. With the wide range of scents to choose from, you are certain to find something that your mother will love. With products made with natural essential oils, they are toxin free, safe and non-toxic.

The most popular choice is Lychee and Copal scent which is a sweet and relaxing combination. This gift set is perfect because it gives your mom the chance to try the reed diffuser in her home without committing to an expensive purchase.

You can buy it from Alchemist Aroma on their website here


Everlasting Succulent Bouquet - one of a kind bouquets for the everlasting motherly love bouquet is an ever lasting succulent bouquet that will grow over time for the recipient. This makes a great gift for mothers who have that green thumb because it can be repotted and planted in the house. Succulent plants are easy to take care of and they need very little water and sunlight. Unlike typical bouquet that withers over time, the repotted succulents will continue to bloom. You can find this beautiful bouquet on starting from $35.

You can buy it from on their website here


Aesthetic Dining Wares - for the MasterChef creations

Lovera Collections was founded with the aim to bring in a wide range of tableware that is not commonly available within Singapore at affordable prices. They have been able to capture a niche by offering imported and artistically-designed plates that are not easy to find in the market. Homeowners who love food and appreciate home design, will definitely appreciate having these unique plates for their aesthetic purposes while also enjoying the gastronomic experience which entails transforming an everyday meal into something worth celebrating.'

You can buy it from Lovera Collections on their website here


Press-on nail set! - to pamper the hands that have worked so hard!

Good looking nails are often interpreted as someone who takes care of themselves. This mother's day is the perfect occasion for mothers to get pampered with a nail care regime because it can make a woman feel feminine and beautiful. Press-on nail kits are a really easy and cheap way to get nails that will last for a few days. They're also easy to remove so it's no big deal if you don't like them. You just need some nail glue (although some press-on nails come with) and your regular nail polish. Check out the nail designs by forduchessbyduke - from Disney to 3D gem designs.

You can buy it from @forduchessbyduke on their instagram


Granola snacks in amazing flavors - to make tasty breakfast treat

Amazin' Grace sells a delicious blend of granola that will offer a little something different for your loved ones this Mother's Day this year. Think of our favorite Asian flavours: Coconut Kaya, Blueberry Goji, Curry Lime, Salted Gula Melaka and more! Imagine all the fun ways she can use these tasty snacks to get her day started or finish off her meal.

You can buy it from Amazin' Grace on their website here


Brown Sugar Ginger Tea - a rejuvenating drink to boost her health

Boosting health benefits and a wonderful flavor that your mom will surely love, brown sugar ginger tea is perfect to gift your mom on her special day. Brown Sugar Ginger Tea [姜母茶] is a health drink for relaxing and for rejuvenating health made with fresh ingredients from luscious Yunnan province. It drives away body cold, improves blood circulation and enhances the body's Yang and immunity. Let it brew and take a sip, the spicy and sweet taste will linger and warmth will spread straight into the nasal cavity, instantly clearing the nasal blockage.

You can buy it from Lazada here

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