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The secret behind the successful Alchemist Aroma formula - What exactly is in the formulated reed?

Reed Diffusers are extremely popular and a great way to add a constant fragrance to your home. They are super easy to use; reeds are inserted into a glass bottle of scented diffuser oil, reeds soak up the scent and disperse a lovely aroma into the air. Voilà! Get a warm welcome to your beautifully scented home.

Let us take a sneak peak into Alchemist Aroma and explore the secret to their sophiscated fragrances; and find out just how do they get their reed diffusers to produce scents like those in luxurious hotels.


Fragrance Formulation

Tip | Head | Heart | Base Notes

The multi-layered formulation is split into 4 distinct notes for Alchemist's signature blends. Step in to the Tip & Head Notes which will ink up that first impression of our scents. The dual notes deepens the flavour and casts the most important initial impression. These notes then fade away to bring you the heart notes. Heart notes [aka middle notes] are the foundation of the fragrance. It lingers on and keeps your home beautifully scented. Following up, the base notes adds that extra layer and pulls off the final and lasting impression. Every note adds a certain quality to the fragrance. At Alchemist Aroma, we want to bring you the perfect formulation for that excellent first impressions and yet leaving you with that lingering scent to perfect the mood at home.

Now available in 10 formulations - All meticulously crafted to bring you the hotel inspired scents. Get them from Lazmall Now at $29.90.


Scent Dispersal

The Reed Sticks Story

Our reeds are made specifically for the purpose of oil wicking and smell dispersal. Its attributes allows a consistent and uniform distribution of oil distribution throughout the reed. Our reeds quickly soak up and diffuse scents stronger and faster than traditional woody reeds.

Be it the Floral Vibes or that Fruity Sweetness, you will find just that perfect scent amongst these Alchemist Aroma Hotel Inspired Fragrances

Tip: Flip the Reed sticks once a week to keep the room well scented!



Long-lasting Bottle of Goodness

Continuous Aroma to keep your home refreshed

All the Goodness is jammed packed into Alchemist Aroma's special blend. Place your diffuser in a high traffic area where the scent will disperse throughout the room with air circulation. They simply disperse scent into the air naturally as long as there is oil left in the bottle.


A Variety of Selections

10 Hotels-Inspired Signature scent

Lavender + Eucalyptus [$29.90] - Shop Here for the Marriot Inspired Floral Blend.

Lemon + Musk [$29.90] - Shop here for the Banyan Tree Inspired Woody Oriental Blend.

Lychee + Copal [$29.90] - Shop here for the Ritz Charlton Inspired Fruity Blend.

Check out the all other 10 Alchemist Aroma Formulations right here!

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